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"Kare no Chuunibyo ha Naora nai" (彼の中二病は治らない) or Kachuna for short, is translated as "His Chuunibyou Cannot be Cured" or "He's Terminally Chuuni."
The main character is considered a Chuunibyou by his peers. "Chuunibyou" is a Japanese term that colloquially means "eighth grade syndrome," though people of any age could be considered "chuuni." The term describes people with immature delusions of grandeur, the sort of cringe-inducing attitude that people are expected to grow out of before high school. A Western counterpart would probably some sort of quixotic edgelord phase typically associated with socially maladjusted youth. The sort of behavior and beliefs that would be considered cringe by peers and doubly cringe for the person after they grow out of it.
In this case, our protagonist genuinely believes he possesses super powers. Aside from this delusion, he is a charismatic young man determined to create a video game of his own, though acting as the team manager puts him into a situation where he might be in over his head. He sets out to win the annual International Youth Game development competition alongside his eccentric club members and friends. Players must balance interpersonal relationships with the struggles of managing a team in order to finish their game.


Jun Mizushima

"Could my power Solve everything?"
The protagonist and leader of the Gane Development Club at his school. He is a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi novels, comics, and video games.
As the only child of two wealthy business people who are too busy to be involved in their son's life, he tries to enjoy a somewhat normal life at school.
Due to an incident in his youth, he believes that he has special powers that would allow him to grant any wish. Whether or not realities outside of his own reflect this is yet to be seen.

Tsumiki Toyoguchi

"How can I repay him?"
If looks could kill, anyone who might cross paths with Tsumiki Toyoguchi would be struck dead in an instant. Despite her beauty and intensity, she's actually quite down-to-earth.
Her friendship with Jun has lasted most of their lives, as Jun's parents took her in when she lost her family in an accident. She's extremely grateful for this and dotes on Jun while struggling with a sense of debt.

Ai Takanashi

"Can I really become a manga-ka?"
Ai Takanashi is a girl whose blank expression hardly reflects the vivid internal universes she plays with in her mind. She enjoys solitude and peace, and is often found sketching in her favorite sketchbook or staring off in the distance as new ideas come to her. Despite being a popular up-and-coming young artist back home, she moved to Japan and assumed a new identity to try to become a manga-ka. The intricacies of manga has provided a challenge to her artistic skills as she gets out of her comfort zone of landscapes and portraits.

Yui Kitamura

"Music is my life!"
A talented guitarist and excellent singer, Yui Kitamura is truly passion personified. since she's always dreamed of hearing her own voice and music in a game, she decides to join Jun's team. Although she might seem like a fiery bully with a loaded ego, Yui can be pretty gentle once you get to know her. She takes pride in everything she holds dear, including her goals, her work, and her friends.

Megumi Horie

"Teaching students is boring."
Labelled "The Worst Teacher of Higashi High," it's a wonder why Megumi Horie even has a job. Rumors of favoritism and tardiness are plentiful, but a lack of evidence allows her to keep her position, for now. She is the club advisor in charge of Jun's team. Despite the rumors, she seems to be keeping their affairs in order.

Shiro Fukuyuma

"What should I do for lunch?"
Shiro Fukuyuma is Jun's adopted sister. Her father was estranged from his ex-wife and she had no other family to take her in when he passed. Jun's parents took her to honour their long-time friend and provide companionship for their son. In school, Shiro is known as a heartbreaker. At home she drops the facade is almost unrecognizeable from her school persona.